Thursday, April 04, 2013

Eva's Artwork: New Focus Area

For as long as I can remember, our daughter Eva has been a collector and creator. She is a collector in the sense that nothing - and I do mean nothing - goes to waste if she can help it. She will regularly have a collection of empty toilet paper rolls (which are often seized by her little brothers to use as superhero bracelets) or balls of yarn or mismatched containers, and anything left lying around is fair game for a request for new ownership.

From these odds and ends, Eva will often create toys for her hamster Cheese or artwork for her walls. But lately, she has exchanged her penchant for search and recovery to embrace a love for drawing. Actually, her enjoyment of drawing is nothing new - she has books full of pictures of Cheese an even a children's book in progress about his make-believe adventures!

But her area of focus has changed. Now, it is all about horses.

Besides her love for art, Eva has always loved animals. She has an affinity for them and they seem to like her, too. Once again Cheese is a case in point. She can hold him, "snuggle" him, kiss him and he even comes to the cage door when she calls. But it isn't just him. The other day Eva and I went to the vet, where two small dogs were playing together on the office floor. I reached out to them and they just walked away. Next thing I knew, one had climbed onto Eva's lap and was sitting there comfortably while the other was sniffing at her heels.

Somewhere in the past year or so her fascination turned to horses. It may have been a couple of opportunities to see horses up close and personal in Michigan and Maryland (or it may have been a new animated series on Netflix called Horseland!) Either way, in perfect timing her MK friend Katie gave her a drawing book on horses. Since then, Eva and her art book are inseparable.

All of these pictures are posted on the girls' bedroom door (thankfully Isabel has been rather patient with the new decor.) And recently, Eva's art teacher at school has complimented her on her work and invited her to bring the horse book to class. I imagine that means we'll be seeing even more of these pictures popping up around the house. I won't complain, though. It gives me great joy to see our daughter using her God-given talents. I pray it knits her heart closer to His to share a common love of creating with her Creator.

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Anonymous said...

This is SO my Emma as well! She too is a collector of "trash" to repurpose for crafts, artist, horse and animal lover. We have a guinea pig instead of hamster, but this post could easily be posted to my blog, just change the name and few photos. :) Noella