Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pre-School Parley

A friend snapped these pictures of Ian and Alec the day of our church baptisms. His camera is one of those with fast shooting of multiple shots, and the result was this cute series depicting a scene we see almost every day in our home. These two brothers are constantly having intense conversations about one thing or another! I love having a visual reminder of their "pre-school parley." :)

Ian and Alec are learning more every day, especially now that they are in jardin. They practice their Spanish on each other regularly, which is pretty much adorable. I will often hear them in the back of the van trying out their phrases such as one asking, "Vamos a la casa?" And the other replying, "Si, vamos a la casa!" Or, as Ian's teacher pointed out yesterday he has picked up the typical Chilean slang phrase of "Ya, po!" and also loves to chant the cheer for Chile, "Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le, Viva Chile!" (the latter being especially significant since Chile qualified for the World Cup this week!)

So thankful for these little guys and the sunshine they bring into our lives and those of everyone they meet.


Deborah said...

Adorable! :-D

Terri Fisher said...

In these photos it looks like Ian's belly is catching up with Alec's...ha! Love these cuties!!