Tuesday, July 03, 2012

{furlough is about} Togetherness

A missionary family's furlough can be overwhelming, glorious, chaotic, restorative and bone-wearying all in the same week. This little series called {furlough is about} is a meager attempt to capture snapshots of our own first furlough experience by way of words and pictures. -Stephanie 

an afternoon of family togetherness
I originally envisioned the title oft his chapter as {furlough is about} Time - until I realized just how fleeting time has been for us during this first half of our furlough ministry. Our schedule has been so incredibly full that time itself has become a blur. Often I feel weeks have gone by since a certain event, only to glance at the calendar and realize it happened mere days before!

Despite the craziness, however, I am truly grateful that through it all our family is experiencing a unique "togetherness" day in and day out. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week will often find all seven of us side by side - whether plugging through a day of homeschool or listening to hours upon hours of Odyssey in the car on the way to our next church or standing shoulder to shoulder on yet another platform as Ian belts out "Quiero Identificarme Con Cristo" in his best bass voice as the rest of us sing along. :)

From my own past experience as an MK on furlough, I know it will be nearly impossible for us to remember everything that happens this year. But I do hope that certain snapshots will remain in our collective hearts and minds so that as a family we can reminisce for years to come about this time spent together. When we return to Chile, things will change. Schedules will pull us in different directions each day. Church responsibilities and school commitments and even the day-to-day time-consuming "tramites" of life in Latin America will become our norm once again.

But while we are still here, I will treasure this gift  - the gift of "togetherness." 

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