Thursday, March 08, 2012

Haitian Reunion March 2012, Part Two

Ian with his biological sister, Maddie

I could post pictures galore of the fun our kids had at an indoor water park in Lafayette, Indiana last weekend. The experience was quite a novelty to them and they enjoyed every moment!

But as the purpose of our time there was more significant than simply splashing around, I'll share some words to that end.

our family with Ian and Alec's orphanage director

Each year there are two gatherings for families that have adopted through the same orphanage in Haiti where our sons Ian and Alec once resided. The first reunion is always at the water park in wintertime, and the second is at a Christian camp in summertime. While we would have loved to participate in the latter because it is usually a larger group and more conducive to getting to know one another (due to the setting and weather) our schedule didn't allow for it. However, we were excited to join the March reunion and made sure to include it on our furlough calendar far in advance!

We had so hoped to see Lawanna, the wonderful caregiver for our boys during their final year in Haiti, as she lives in Indiana. However, for the first time since Haiti's earthquake she had returned for a visit and was unable to join the reunion. We did get to see Barb, their orphanage director who is always recognizable in her blue dresses! And we were especially pleased to finally meet Lori, who in the very beginning stages of our adoption was our stateside coordinator and answered a million questions for us as we prepared our dossier. God used her in an instrumental way to bring our two specific sons to us.

beautiful families "from Haiti to Home"

There were also two young members of the reunion we were excited to meet: Maddie, Ian's biological older sister and Karleigh, Alec's biological aunt. These two little girls were adopted as infants by two families who are best friends. On Sunday as the reunion drew to a close, we headed out to lunch with the Shepler and Caswell families. Both families love the Lord and it was a special time of sharing with one another and forging a friendship we hope will be lifelong.

In the Old Testament, God often speaks of "memorials" built to remember His great works and provision. Truly, this reunion was something of a "memorial" for us. As we swapped stories with other families, particularly Lori's family who hosted us for a couple of days afterwards, we were reminded of how amazing, awesome and mighty our God is.

Each child adopted from Haiti has a story of life and death and miraculous intervention by our Heavenly Father. We are so grateful that He is the Author of our family's story as well.

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