Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Michigan, Here We Come

The highway journey between Delaware and Michigan was a familiar one, despite the years it had been since we last traveled upon it. We started later than planned, as per our usual custom of last-minute packing as well as a visit to see Meemie at the rehabilitation center once more prior to departure. But with dozens of brand-new "Adventures in Odyssey" stories to keep us entertained, what was a dozen hours of car travel??

enjoying a beautiful rest area in Pennsylvania

Can I just say that the Ohio Turnpike is a wonderful thing?? Clean, big (and family!) bathrooms at every stop, Starbucks, BK, Sbarro's ... those are the things we enjoyed along the way. Prio to that we stopped at one point while still in PA and let the kids run their legs and kick the soccer ball around. The air was cold and crisp but the sun was shining and the clouds were fluffy and white. The "Fab Five" even posed for a few cute pictures like this one:

And Pedro and I posed for this one (compliments to Isabel, our photographer):

Of course, all good things must come to an end and that included the excitement of a road trip. We realized soon enough that driving straight through to Michigan was not going to happen but pushed on to Toledo/Maumee where we were fortunate to find an excellent deal on two hotel rooms (courtesy of those rest area coupon books!) Let it not be said that the Garcias cannot create more excitement when needed, though, because just after stepping onto the sidewalk outside the hotel we had a two-child pileup which resulted in a bleeding, scraped face and multiple crying children upon our entrance into the hotel lobby. I think the staff member on duty was quite happy to see us promptly to our rooms!

Alec's injured eyebrow gave him the look of a prize fighter

Morning dawned with happier times, thankfully, as the free breakfast included everything from donuts to fresh waffles to fruit and bagels. Everyone ate well and then the kids enjoyed a swim in the warm indoor pool ... until one child's stomach got the best of him/her (details obscured to protect the innocent!) At that point pool time came to an impromptu end and we deemed it a good moment to get back on the road.

our beautiful new home for the first half of 2012

God was so gracious to give us a safe and calm trip on both days, and it was with a sigh of relief and a breath of anticipation that we pulled into the driveway of our new home! And what a lovely home it is. We were blessed beyond measure by the generosity of our new landlords (and brother and sister in Christ) and the love of our church family who filled our cupboards and pantry to overflowing and made the house a haven of rest and comfort. It has now been several weeks since our arrival, and we continue to give thanks for these undeserved but precious blessing. God has truly given us a beautiful refuge for this time.

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