Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meeting "New" Cousins

my sister Terri with daughter Sophia

It was with a great deal of excitement that we welcomed some "new" cousins to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house on Thursday morning. Our kids were thrilled to put faces to names and run wild with my sister Terri's youngest three kids: Benjamin, age 6; Nathaniel, age 4; and Sophia, age 4. Both Nathaniel and Sophia arrived on the scene after our departure to Chile - the former by birth, and the latter by adoption from Taiwan - so it was our very first time meeting these two family members!

Isabel getting to know cousin Sophia

Isabel was especially delighted to meet Sophia. Ever since Terri and Dave accepted their new daughter's referral months before she finally came home from Taiwan, Isabel has felt a special connection with her little cousin who also is challenged by a CP (cerebral palsy) diagnosis. It was sweet to observe as Isabel took the time and effort to draw Sophia out, even chasing her across the living room floor on her knees and to an eruption of giggles from Sophia.

what does Sophia think about Uncle Pedro??

Over the course of the visit, Sophia eventually warmed up to her new aunt and uncle as well. When I began perusing a catalog of the jewelry her mommy sells, Sophia quickly squirmed into my lap and insisted on turning the pages herself! Later she gave Uncle Pedro a serious lookover and after deciding he was alright, she snuggled up against him and used his comfy belly for a pillow. :)

Pop-Pop tries to referee a trio of toddler boys

Meanwhile the little boys were busy getting to know one another as well! And what better way than by attempting to wrestle your "new" cousin to the ground?? Pop-Pop has stated that with grandsons in the house he has no need for physical therapy anymore - wrestling with them takes care of all the exercise he requires!

At one point Uncle Pedro stepped in to rescue the house from ruin, and took seven of the kids for a walk to a nearby park. The result was some peace and quiet for us, and a longer-than-expected trek for them when he followed six-year old Benjamin's instructions to "another park" which they never found! In addition, the Garcia kids returned home in a near panic over sensations they had never before felt in their fingers and faces. This Delaware winter has been quite a surprise for them. :)

pinning down five rambunctious boys for a photo is quite a feat

I am so thankful that Terri took the time to drive two hours each way just to hug us and give us the chance to get to know her sweet kiddos. Thanks, Sis! Family is a precious gift, one to cherish with every opportunity we are given.

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