Monday, January 30, 2012

Have Wheels, Will Travel

our kids are excited about their new "ride!"

We are thankful for the provision of this 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, which we purchased through a unique ministry called CMTS (Christian Missionary Technical Services.) We knew little about CMTS prior to traveling to pick up the vehicle, except that they had been recommended to us by a trusted missionary friend. We were frankly surprised to reach the CMTS offices in Bernville, Pennsylvania and find a vast spread of buildings, vehicles and machinery in the midst of rolling green fields and hills! There we encountered a small but dedicated international staff of people working together for the benefit of missionaries and ministries worldwide.

CMTS was founded by Andrew and Nancy Merrick after a brief term of missionary service in South America. On the field they observed first-hand the struggles of missionaries to maintain worn-out equipment and buildings, often demanding time which could otherwise have been invested in people's lives. The Merricks felt led to create an organization which would provide useful resources and skilled people to meet those technical needs.

Their ministry is varied, including purchasing vehicles at auction to service and later rent or sell to missionaries on furlough; locating and shipping furniture, medical and shop equipment to ministries worldwide; organizing service missions trips into Mexico and Belize; and providing a clothing bank for those in need of it.

What an encouragement to realize once again that God uses each of us according to the gifts and abilities He has given us, as long as we are willing and obedient to His call.

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Jonathan and Noella said...

Awesome! Have you heard of the Missionary Closet, or ?

The MC was such a help to us on furlough and really exceeded our expectations. $ for clothes shopping, vitamins, stocking up on toiletries etc. Check them out! Also, I heard of the Christian Hospitality Network in the past few months, but have not used them yet. They might be something to check out too.

Happy furloughing!