Monday, December 19, 2011

To Eva, Isabel and Owen

Owen, Isabel, Eva and "Cheese" - December 2012

Dear Eva, Isabel and Owen:

I hope you know how proud we are of you. I know we say it every year when school is finally over, but we really do mean it! We admire your courage as you navigate a school system in a different country and language. We value the relationships you have built and more importantly, the testimony you have given for Jesus. We respect how easy you make it all seem most of the time. And yet we appreciate that at other times, it may not be easy at all - but still you step out each day with a smile.

This year you have continued to learn and grow and bring home your crazy stories that make us laugh and shake our heads (and occasionally wince just a little bit!) You have opened doors for conversations and relationships with parents and teachers in ways you don't even realize, but which God is using for His glory. You are not just the "kids of missionaries" but you are "Kid Missionaries" and that is the greatest adventure of all!

We love you so very, very much and look forward to all that God has in store for our family next year on furlough. It will be a brand-new adventure, and we would not want to share it with anyone but YOU.

Mommy and Daddy
December 19, 2011


monica manriquez said...

Love it! And we love your kids!,,,

Tina said...

I pray that one day your kids will understand what amazing parents you are. That you love your children with all your being is so evident. God bless each of you as you navigate thru the life of being missionaries and missionary kids.