Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Didn't I Say It's a Crazy Life?

Bullet point for posterity's sake - events of Monday, December 12, 2011:
  • 6:30 AM and the first day of the last week of school
  • Start the day with a chat about how it's not acceptable find Mommy's things in someone's school bag without permission
  • Nudge the first three out the door with Daddy
  • Drink Pedro's good coffee while trying to read Ephesians 1
  • Get distracted by thoughts of my to-do list
  • Pray for focus and read the chapter again
  • Get distracted again
  • Pray again ... read again ... and repeat
  • Pedro welcomes neighbor for their discipleship time
  • Feed and clothe the two little boys
  • Pedro heads to the mechanic who promised to have our van ready TODAY after two months
  • Pedro comes home from the mechanic who says "come back Wednesday"
  • E-mails ... to the translator handling our boys' Haitian paperwork, to the organization searching for a furlough vehicle for us, to the Delaware adoption board seeking help with re-adoption questions, to the court clerk apologizing that our agency sent our questions again after he'd explained he was not allowed to assist with them
  • Tentatively start Nov/Dec prayer letter ... get as far as the greeting
  • Shop online for car seats to get into the hands of my parents for their airport run in ONE MORE MONTH (surreal)
  • Call my dad in Delaware to share details of the purchase, our flights, and other
  • Pedro leaves to take colleague out for breakfast
  • Phone rings - the school is calling to say Isabel has injured herself in a fall
  • I call Pedro who goes to school with colleague and brings Isabel home
  • Pedro takes colleague home then return to hand off car so I can take Isabel to the ER
  • First ER doesn't have traumatologist on hand, go to second ER
  • Coordinate via phone to have teacher bring Eva and Owen home from school
  • Excellent care at second ER, x-rays, etc. - instructions for ice and rest for black eye and swollen cheekbone
  • Receive call from Pedro that Isabel has 3:30 PM appointment at the Teleton (down the street)
  • Hang out for an hour with Teleton volunteers and eat grocery store food for lunch
  • Complete appointment, head home, rest briefly, back out to pharmacy and grocery store
  • Return, throw chicken sticks in the oven for kids
  • Parenting moment, sit down with Daddy and child over a troubling issue, tears
  • Manage to serve dinner among more tears and high emotions, girls say they will miss their friends
  • Daddy handles bedtime routine while I return call from sweet lady in Delaware who is willing to answer my international re-adoption questions (hooray!)
  • It's 9:20 PM, go pick up babysitter
  • Wonder who had the great idea of going out on "Iquique time," then remember there was no other time and we are officially on furlough "countdown" (eek!)
  • Eat dinner out with friends/neighbors/"discipl-ees" we won't see again after next week
  • Home and fall exhausted into bed at 12:30 AM
Thank You, Lord, for getting us through another day ...

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Lomdím said...

That's just shop talk, peanuts, a day in the life. Back here in CHile, we really have issues, schedules and drama!!!!!!!!