Wednesday, November 02, 2011

PDI Means Private Eye

our three future detectives: Eva, Isabel, Owen

I've had these pictures ready to post for almost a week now. The problem is that I haven't had time to write the story to accompany them. As things stand, and as we've entered the two-month countdown to departure for furlough, I'm thinking blog posts are going to continue to get fewer and farther between!

Thus, a bullet-point post is apparently in order to get this thing done:
  • The Teleton kids were invited to a presentation at the Policia de Investigaciones de Chile (the detective branch of the police in Chile)
  • Eva, Isabel, Owen and I were invited to come along
  • First the ballistics expert spoke about bullets and weapons
  • Then the fingerprinting expert did a demonstration with a volunteer
  • Finally the sketch artist showed how she visually depicts a crime scene
  • The kids enjoyed ice cream and soda, courtesy of the PDI
  • Owen loved the ballistics, especially viewing bullets under the microscope
  • There was an explanation of the ERTI, Chile's version of SWAT
  • The canine team did a demonstration of drug sniffing in the trunk of a car
  • It turns out one of the detectives has a child at the kids' school
  • Overall it was a really fun event and we were glad to have been invited

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Amanda E. said...

The PDI has a dog that's not a german shepherd?!? Sounds like you had a lot of fun. :-)