Friday, September 09, 2011

How 'Bout It?

One of Ian's favorite phrases is
"How 'bout?"

He asks this question constantly about so many things. "How 'bout oatmeal?" he asks in the morning. "How 'bout watch TV?" he queries in the afternoon. "How 'bout go blue car?" he inquires when he's itching to get out of the house. "How 'bout Bible story?" he demands at bedtime. And my favorite, "How 'bout kiss? How 'bout hug?" when it's time for lights out!

Yesterday when his brother and best buddy Alec was away with Daddy and Eva for a couple of hours, Ian contented himself playing alone in the back yard. It always amazes me how he will carry on a conversation, even if it's only with himself! He is actually very imaginative. I shot an entire 2-minute video without his ever being aware of my presence (that's saying something when you're talking about an inquisitive toddler!) but decided against showing off my messy back yard to the watching world, ha! Instead, I am posting a short video that I took once he recognized my presence. In just a few seconds, he asks his favorite question, "How 'bout?" twice.

After taking the video I went outside to see what he had been working on all that time. One of his "How 'bout" requests was for me to take a picture of his cars. Come to find out he was lining them all up neatly big brother Owen's skateboard! He was so proud of himself and his handiwork looked so cute that I snapped a couple of pictures.

I love how my children find the simple joys and share them with me.

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