Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Good Mechanic or Two

Years ago (so many that I had all but forgotten until I started thinking of this post!) Pedro introduced met to a unique talk show on NPR (National Public Radio) called Car Talk. Or, as the two colorful brothers who host the show pronounce it in their unique Massachusetts accent: Cah Tahk. Even though my knowledge of cars is pitifully limited, I still enjoyed listening to the unique problems described by the callers and the humorous banter between the brothers as they attempted to diagnose a solution.

For the record, it's amazing how some things can stay buried in our mental storage banks for years and when uncovered, bring with them such bright flashes of memory ... even as I write this, I can picture sunny mornings in our first apartment on the third floor of an old house in Scranton with its brown linoleum squares and just the two of us enjoying a Saturday morning together ... or driving through the Pennsylvania fall foliage in the crisp air with the radio playing in the background ... ahh, the memories!

Anyway!! ... the point of this post was to say that these pictures of Ian and Alec "working" on their pickup truck made me chuckle and remember the two bantering brothers on the radio. I thought they were too cute not to share.

So does anyone need a good mechanic? Or two?? :)

Dropping off the truck to the "mechanic"

Alec assessing the problem

Getting the car into position

Talking over the options

Ian giving it his best shot (amidst laughter)

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Melissa said...

Our Malibu is leaking radiator fluid. What is their hourly rate? :)