Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fourteen Years of Memories

On July 5, 1997 I married the man whom I knew was "the one" from our very first date together. Today I pause to reflect on 14 Years of precious memories made with my very best friend! Our life as a married couple has taken us upon paths unknown and into places unexplored, but I am so grateful for the beautiful discoveries we have made together.

This year we are unable to be together on the day of our anniversary so I am taking this opportunity to publicly say: Happy Anniversary, my Sweets! I love you.

Pedro & Stephanie, July 5 '97


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to you both. So much has happened in 14 years! Keep on living and loving and serving the Lord together. We love you very much.

Cari said...

Happy Anniversary Pedro and Stephanie!