Monday, June 06, 2011

A Saturday at Kids' Club

contestants for the Craziest Hat award

It is a day our kids look forward to all month. The first Saturday of each month, our church hosts a Kids' Club to which church and neighborhood children are invited. This month the fun theme was "Crazy Hats." Isabel borrowed a sand pail for her hat, while Eva created a comfortable niche for her favorite beanie kitty on her head!

listening to instructions prior to the games

With a combination of songs, games, stories, skits, and Biblical teaching (and I shouldn't forget the candy, too!) the afternoon is always a delight to the children who attend. This month, Owen and Isabel each had a friend who agreed to come and they enjoyed introducing them to Kids' Club. Both friends said they had a great time!

Isabel playing one of the games at Kids' Club

A number of our teens are committed to helping with this ministry. Their enthusiasm adds an extra spark to game time, and the skits they prepare get better each month. It's a blessing to have them!

everyone got in on the action with this game

This month, Pastor Hugo prepared a devotional time for the kids and shared the gospel with them. The teens prepared a great skit about a boy who was trying to find happiness and contentment and peace (represented by balloons) by stealing them from others. Eventually he ran into a girl whose happiness, contentment and peace couldn't be taken away because she found them in Jesus!

Pastor Hugo sharing a devotional with the kids

teens presenting their skit to the kids

Our colleagues Jon and Kim Spink organize this monthly activity and Kim has been teaching the children some memory verses each time. The picture below is of the kids sharing their verses. It is such a thrill to know that our children are hearing God's Word and I pray they are learning to truly hide it in their hearts!

presenting their memory verses to the group

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