Monday, April 04, 2011

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

This morning I put the final touches on a new weekly calendar for our home. It's nothing fancy, just a computer-generated schedule to help us organize our days. This year both Isabel and Eva have to stay an extra hour after school on three days out of the week - but not the exact same days - so that has required a bit more coordination with pick-up times. It's unfortunate that we have to retrieve Owen and then turn around 1 hour later to pick up one or both girls, but it's fortunate that we live only five minutes from school!

In addition to school schedules, each week we coordinate one-on-one discipleship commitments as Pedro meets with a total of 4-6 men at three or four different times and I meet with a young teen at our house after school on Thursdays. In between we also squeeze in soccer practices for Owen; therapy for Isabel; multiple meetings; mid-week prayer meeting on Thursday nights; and preparation for weekend ministries. Pedro is currently preparing to teach a master's level seminary class in July, so in addition to studying for other preaching/teaching times he must work at preparing those notes and lectures each day.

I have now personally added something new, exciting, and a little scary to my schedule. What started as an outreach invitation to my neighbors for a Tuesday morning Bible study and craft times has multiplied into both a Tuesday morning and a Tuesday evening Bible study and craft time. Tomorrow is the first day! I've promised an "American" sweet treat to begin each session and a couple of handmade (rubber stamped) cards to make at the end of each session. In between, for the next ten weeks we will be studying the "Effective Parenting in a Defective World" series by Chip Ingram, which involves watching the dvd together followed by a group discussion time. It will be very interesting to do this Biblically-based study in an unchurched group setting. (I would appreciate your prayers so much for this endeavor!)

Then there are the unscheduled items that end up taking a chunk of time out of the weekly calendar, like this morning's bill paying downtown. Unlike the States, we can't just write a check and put it in the mail for our electric bill. Instead Pedro must drive downtown, park the car, and walk to the individual offices to stand in line and pay the bill personally in cash. Those kinds of errands are "necessary evils" of life in Chile.

And writing blog posts?? That hasn't exactly made it on the schedule either, so I really should get going now! I hear two boisterous boys making their presence known upstairs. That's a sure sign that the day is truly getting ready to begin. Hope you all have a great one! :)

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Deborah said...

Praying for you, Sweet Friend! Thank you for your work!! Love you! <3