Monday, April 25, 2011

Monument to the Unknown Sailor

Over the long weekend we took the kids to a monument on the furthest outskirts of town. Dedicated to the "unknown sailor," this statue overlooks the harbor where a famous battle raged during the War of the Pacific in the late 1800's.

Today the harbor is home to fishing boats both big and small, as well as enormous container ships and the occasional cruise liner.

A nearby park sits cheerfully between the monument and the return entrance to Iquique, tucked between ruins of what appear to be ancient forts or lookouts. The view is fabulous.

With the sea wind blowing and the waves crashing against the rocks weathered by the constant beating of water on stone, it is a refreshing and stirring place. If you close your eyes for just a moment, you might well imagine yourself alone on some rugged island stranded in the middle of the Pacific.

Of course, I much preferred to keep my eyes open to the true beauty of the day and place: sharing it side by side with my husband and five precious kiddos. Ian and Alec had never seen anything quite like it before! Daddy held their hands firmly as they were tantalized by the sea mist tickling their noses and the little crabs trying to find a foothold on the slippery rocks.

Meanwhile Owen made friends at the park around a bouncy ball and soccer "goals" created by soda bottles filled with sand. Isabel was Daddy's exploration partner and Eva as usual found a couple of stray puppies to keep her dreaming of a pet of her own! It was a fun way to spend a free day and make some new memories as a family.


Erin said...

beautiful pics steph! looks like a fun and peaceful day..

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a place that Mommom would like to go on the next visit!
Love to all from Delaware!

Life with Kaishon said...

The kids are so adorable! Love your fun outing. : )