Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Now for a Little Levity

One of the cutest sounds in our house these days (in my opinion) is the repartee between Ian and Alec when they have awoken from naps or to start a new day. Often I just listen from downstairs and smile. Selfishly, it is very nice for Mommy that the boys can stay content for awhile in their rooms without my having to intervene! But more than that, it is just sweet to hear their camaraderie and creativity.

As I mentioned on my FB status today, usually the boys revert to "shooting" each other across the room and occasionally even stage realistic collapses in their cribs that would make any Hollywood actor proud. Yesterday, however, the boys were unusually quiet and when I opened the door the scene was quite different.

Ian and Alec were standing quite still in their cribs, each cradling a bundle in his arms. The bundle turned out to be their quilts, upon which they were gazing lovingly. When I asked what they were doing, the boys gave me grand smiles and announced, "This our baby!" While Pedro was much concerned that their usual warfare had deteriorated to maternal musings, I for my part assured the little boys that they would make great daddies someday (just like their Daddy!)

what's wrong with this picture??

Occasionally I run across even more unusual sights when I enter the boys' room. For instance, do you see anything wrong with the picture above?? I didn't quite know what Alec was trying to say when he gleefully yelled, "Mommy! My diaper!"

But upon closer inspection ...

now that is not normal!

... there was certainly a bulge that did not appear normal around Alec's ankle!

Apparently his wet diaper was so full - or his crib bouncing, so strenous - that gravity lent itself to this humorous consequence. Of course I had to leave him there while I ran to get my camera, as this was an event worth documenting for posterity!

Even his brother and sisters and Daddy got a good laugh out it when I showed them the pictures. Yes, it is safe to say that the two crazies bring a lot of smiles of silliness into this house. And I for one am very glad. :)


Becky said...

BOth of my boys have baby dolls and 18" dolls that I've given hair cuts to make them boy dolls. They love their babies, too. I figure we have to encourage nurturing in boys, too as they will be the dadies of the future :) As for the diaper around the ankle, we've had that happen a couple of times and I was glad we didn't end up with a soggy mess had they pee-d again!

sea salt MOSAIC said...

ohhhh. . . not sure i should admit this here. . .

we see the diaper around the ankle A LOT. it rears it's ugly mess in the mornings - especially the mornings when papa heads out early and the owner of the ankle gets upset about it. . . then. well, then the owner *deposits* all into the crevice b/w bare bottom and cozy pajamas. . . never just #1 - ALWAYS #2. yuck. double yuck. diapers make me sigh these days.