Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank You, Meemie!

Every year at Christmastime, my sweet grandmother in Delaware places a deposit in our bank account as a gift for our children and family. Often we allow the kids to choose their own presents, which they always enjoy. Other times we purchase gifts for them instead. And sometimes - like this year - we do both.

Isabel models the front pack look for the camera

Recently Isabel and I were in a downtown department store which we rarely frequent because it is so out of the way for us. We happened to discover that all the beach towels were on sale, and they had these super cute 2-in-1 towels that were both bags and towels (all sewn together.) Isabel and I decided these would make great "Meemie" gifts for the five siblings!

Eva show us the more traditional model

The store had four color combinations so we got matching towels/bags for Ian and Alec, and different ones for each of the big kids. Maybe if we didn't live in a beach town ... or if it wasn't the middle of summer ... or if the kids didn't enjoy the backyard pool so much ... they wouldn't have been so excited.

Guess who did not want to take their bags off for anything??

But as it is, I think the picture below says it all:

They're just a wee bit excited!

Five happy and grateful great-grandchildren say, "Thank You, Meemie!" :)


Julie Anne said...

I am always reading, often praying, loving the updates, not commenting enough!

The last picture is PRICELESS!!

sea salt MOSAIC said...

positively ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

I've printed them off for Meemie. Where is Owen? You missed him!

Anonymous said...

I printed the pictures for Meemie. What happened to Owen?