Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Graduation Letter to Owen

Mommy and Owen, December 18, 2010

Dear Owen,

I can hardly believe that you have graduated from Kindergarten! For some reason your achieving this milestone makes me a little more emotional than I expected. I think it's because you have always been my baby boy, my "little buttercup" and snuggle bug in the mornings after your sisters head off to school.

Now I realize you will be heading off with them, too, and while I celebrate this new adventure I also will greatly miss the one we've been on together.

You looked so handsome in your blue and gold on the morning of your graduation! As you stood with your classmates I couldn't help thinking you were the best-looking of the bunch (but of course all mommies think that!)

One minute you are rough and tumble and seemingly all grown up, and the next I'm reminded of just how young and insecure you can be. The uncertain look on your face in the picture above makes me want to just grab you up in my arms and squeeze you!

I am so thankful for the teacher God provided for you these past two years. At the graduation she made a speech for your class and it was so sweet. She told you: "Today you begin a new season in your life, other classrooms wait for you, other teachers will accompany and guide you, from today on you will step out on the path that God has already traced for you."

And it's true.

God has wonderful plans for you, to give you a future and a hope as the Bible says. I've believed it from the moment you were born half a country away from us and we were chosen to become your Mommy and Daddy. I've dreamed of what God will do with your life since you were placed in my arms for the very first time as a tiny little newborn baby. You are very special!

Your sisters were there to celebrate with you on your special day. Sometimes you all may fight like cats and dogs, but they truly love you and are excited to have you join them at Colegio de la Costa next year!

After the ceremony, each graduate received a baseball cap with the school logo. You thought it was much more comfortable than your mortarboard! I snapped these pictures of you with your teacher and with some of the boys who have become your buddies over this past year. I am glad you are able to make friends easily and I hope you will always remember the importance of being a good friend to others.

These next two pictures are my favorites, especially the last. I love the grin on your face and the look that says you are living the moment to the fullest!

Owen, you have done a great job so far in school and we are very proud of you! Keep doing your best with a happy heart for God. He is even more proud of you than we are - because He made you and knows you best of all. Remember to always stay close to Jesus!

I love you so much,



Life with Kaishon said...

What a wonderfully special day. I remember when Kaish graduated. How time flies. Wishing you and the children the merriest of Christmases Stephanie.

Terri Fisher said...

Awww...I have that to look forward to in a few more months. Makes me cry just thinking about it! Way to go, Owen!