Monday, November 15, 2010

Strengthening Moments

I am so thankful for the privilege of living and raising my children on the mission field. I am thankful for the broadening of my kids' horizons and for the challenges that make them stronger.

A few weeks ago Eva had a rough day at school. There was a misunderstanding with a substitute teacher who apparently in frustration with the class at large, responded harshly to Eva over a simple question. Then at recess two older girls began to tease her and succeeded in bringing her to tears.

Eva's main teacher, whom she loves, intervened and had the girls come apologize to Eva. Later that night Eva prayed, "Thank You, Lord, that You always have a plan and now these girls are my friends!"

She also confided that she had prayed in the school library after the incident and when a classmate asked what she was doing, she explained and tried to teach her friend how to pray, too.

These are the situations that strengthen not only my children's faith, but also my own.


Jenn said...

That is awesome. How sweet it is to see our kid's hearts grow through life's good and hard stuff.

Terri Fisher said...

Awesome! How I often wish my children were able to experience life as an MK...I wouldn't have traded it for anything!