Thursday, July 08, 2010

Somebody from Texas Loves Me

This week, we have three very special visitors from Texas in our home.

Three years ago, we said our final goodbyes to Pedro's parents and younger sister Nina after a year of living nearby them during my husband's two semesters of intense language study in southern Texas. At the time Eva was 6 years old; Isabel was 5 years old; and Owen was 2 years old. I remember that Eva stubbornly refused to be moved from Grandma and Grandpa Garcia's living room and insisted that she was going to stay with Grandpa! I remember, too, that her sweet, adamant gesture made him cry even harder when we finally did climb into our vehicle and drive away.

showing Grandma & Grandpa around the market in Iquique

Before and after our arrival in Chile we talked many times about the three of them coming to visit us but finances were always the great unknown factor. Each time we would agree to pray and hope that God would somehow provide. He did, and so it was with great rejoicing and excited impatience that we've waited these months for Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Nina's arrival. Besides seeing how much our oldest three children have grown, it is their first time meeting their two new grandsons/nephews!

Eva introducing her "pets" to Aunt Nina

So far we have enjoyed some sweet family fellowship, delicious meals around the table, games and outings and lots of laughter. This week our older kids are finishing up school but next week they start winter vacation and we'll all enjoy the extra freedom that entails.

Ian & Alec praying with Grandma before a meal

Eva and Isabel were thrilled to be sharing their room with Aunt Nina. They have also enjoyed some special times of "girls-only" devotions with Grandma. Today Isabel and Grandma folded and put away laundry for the whole family - which, if you know Isabel, was the highlight of her day!

A happy trio - Grandpa with Ian & Owen

Owen was excited to introduce Grandpa to his teacher at school this morning and to take him to soccer practice this afternoon. Ian and Alec have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of visitors and the extra attention from three additional adults. (Alec likes to play hard to get with Aunt Nina, though!)

We're so thankful for this chance to spend time with family. When special moments together are few and far between, they become that much more precious to savor and enjoy. We are blessed above and beyond to have Pedro's parents with us now, and my parents in a few more weeks. There are lots of wonderful memories to be made, and we look forward to each one!


Molly said...

Yay! I'm so happy for all of you...enjoy every moment! I love your FIL's smile in this picture. I can just hear his contagious laughter as he's playing with his grandkids. It's been 6 years since we lived in TX and our oldest STILL remembers his laugh. :) Please give them both a hug from me. They were such an encouragement to us while I was in language school.

Terri Fisher said...

So glad you are all having a good time together! Enjoy!

Life with Kaishon said...

What can be greater than a grandparent's love? So thankful for their visit : ) I thank God that kaishon is able to grow up with our extended family close. It means the world to us!