Saturday, July 03, 2010

Glimpses of Sophia

These beautiful eyes belong to my oh-so-precious niece-to-be Sophia, in Taiwan. I have written of her often on this blog and long to show you pictures of just how adorable she really is, but country rules dictate that until her adoption is further along in the process I can only give you glimpses such as this one.

But the rules don't say I can't describe her to you, so let me just tell you that in this particular photo she is wearing a sweet navy blue sailor dress with a red scarf tied below the pinstriped collar; a "Pebbles" ponytail at the top of her soft, straight, bobbed brown hair; and she is gazing intently at her reflection in a shiny piano as her stiff fist hovers over the ivory keys. She has the sweetest, pinkest rosebud lips you have ever seen and they are parted as though in a breath of wonder at this miraculous instrument.

Yet truly, she is the miracle.

Two years old and receiving therapy three times a day for cerebral palsy, she is resilient and strong and spirited and joyful. The orphanage has sent videos of Sophia reaching for therapeutic toys with her hands and with her feet; twirling around in her foster father's arms with sweet smiles and laughter; and her foster mother's updates indicate that every day Sophia is reaching new milestones in her physical and personal growth.

Terri and Dave have completed all the paperwork on their end and wait now for some legal paperwork from Taiwan. Once that arrives and is signed, notarized and authenticated they will send it back to Taiwan and the ball will truly be rolling for Sophia's adoption and eventual homecoming. Please visit their adoption blog or the 100 Good Wishes button in the right-hand column for ways in which you can play a part in bringing this darling girl home!

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