Monday, May 24, 2010

The USA List

With two sets of grandparents soon to travel to Chile, I created what I entitled the "USA List" of items we wish they would bring with them. There are any number of things we could add to this list (and at least one of my children has voiced that she wishes I would!) but I decided to stick with just those items we can't get here in Chile and have a hard time living without:

Fellow transracial adoptive parents will surely understand the first two rows on the list! As far as coffee filters go, who knows why we can't find basket filters here but we can't (believe it or not, Chile is not a coffee drinking nation - powdered instant Nescafe is their staple.) Chocolate chips are also sadly lacking from the national diet, and though not having them is better for our diet we still do miss them! And yes, we can get medicine here but there's no place taste like home.

For the record, if our children were allowed to add to this list they would probably ask for the following:
- Fig newtons
- Goldfish crackers
- Fruit snacks
- Pop Tarts
You know, just in case you were wondering! :)

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