Friday, March 19, 2010

Goal! (A Language Story)

The other day Owen returned very excited from soccer practice. "I made a GOAL!" he announced with great enthusiasm. (He is still learning that playing soccer is about more than simply scoring, and to him a goal makes or breaks a training session.) But of course Mommy was very happy for him, too.

A little while later, I asked him to tell me about his goal. The enthusiasm had yet to wane, so he was still speaking loudly and excitedly which made the conversation that much more humorous. "I made a GOAL!" he repeated. "An AUTO-GOAL! GOOOOOOOOAL!!"

At that unexpected announcement, I stifled a giggle and tried to investigate his understanding of what an auto-goal exactly is. Owen replied, "It a GOAL! And an AUTO! Like a CAR! It's so AWESOME!!"

As he waltzed away, I couldn't contain my laughter because you see, in Chile "auto" does mean "car." So essentially my son thinks that an "auto-goal" combines the two coolest things in his life at this stage. Um, I think that Daddy may have a little bit of work cut out for him on this one!

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