Monday, March 15, 2010

Blackout in Chile

Last night around 10 p.m. my sister called me from Santiago via cell phone, her voice barely above a whisper. When she asked if I was watching the news, my heart sank. What now? I asked.

It turned out that she, along with the rest of Santiago's nearly six million inhabitants, had been plunged into darkness a short while before.

Her kids, already frightened by the recent earthquake and subsequent huge aftershocks, had finally fallen asleep huddled together in her bed. Her husband was not home, having traveled with an aid team to southern Chile the day before.

The blackout affected not just Santiago but almost the entire length of southern Chile. In towns still unsettled from the looting and unrest following the earthquake, military presence was stepped up and curfews continued in effect. To a nation already on edge, this latest crisis was just one more stressor piled upon all the rest.
Chile continues to need your prayers!

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Rebecca and Andrew said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I always enjoy meeting other families through adoption. I will keep your sister and families in my prayers. My heart aches when I hear/see of the tragedies facing our world. God bless your family and I will also keep Sophia in my prayers that she will be able to come home soon!