Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Snapshot of Happiness

I love this picture.

It's nothing special by photographic standards, but to me it is a snapshot of happiness: a beautiful, sunshiney day; three healthy, happy children; one handsome, loving dad and husband; a cute shaggy dog that we met at the park; even some green grass which is nearly unheard of here in Iquique.

This particular little park is hidden away in a block of extremely huge, nice homes not far from where we live and is always well-kept and nearly deserted (I think because the people who live in the extremely huge, nice homes don't need it since they have their own indoor swimming pools and gated yards, from what we have observed.) So we enjoy it instead, and it has become a pleasant retreat on those days when we need to get three busy children out of the house to run off a little steam.

Sometimes Pedro and I sit on a bench in the shade of a tree and I just watch and listen to the laughter and play of my children and wonder at how blessed I am. Lately it is always with a touch of melancholy because as fulfilled as these three make me, I know there are two who are missing out on the fun and it seems as though the waiting for their homecoming will never end. It is hard.

But in the meantime, I am thankful. Thankful for our little family and the love we share. Thankful that even though we are far from our extended family during this special time of year, we are close to one another. Thankful for the simple joys of sunny days and parks to play in. Thankful for each of my children, so very unique and special. Thankful for my husband, who is just the best husband and daddy ever. And thankful, so thankful, for the Giver of all good gifts who makes all this joy possible!

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Terri Fisher said...

We love you guys! I hope the kiddos are enjoying their last few days of school. Give them our love!