Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scenes from the Story

Update (for my sister Terri and other curious minds who want to know): The Bible cost me $1500 pesos, or around $3 US. Definitely only a fraction of its sentimental value for the family who looks forward to its return. I'm not sure what the shipping fee will be yet.

Scenes from the Gackenheimer Bible story ... as told here and here. I returned to purchase the Bible and will be mailing it back to Rev. Gackenheimer's family soon. I made sure to pay for it first (in case the story increased its value, since most items do not carry price tags in this particular store.) Then I told the saleslady the whole story. She was quite surprised and impressed!

outside the store in Iquique, Chile

a view of the wares inside

miscellaneous items for sale

piles of books (see Bible on second shelf, left)

the Bible among the other dusty books

leather binding intact

details of the edition

the signature that started it all


Vanessa said...

Steph, this is a great story!

and that pic in the middle showing the plates...

my heart skipped a beat! That's exactly the kind of think I'm always looking for : )

Terri Fisher said...

So very cool! Can't wait to hear the reaction when his family gets it again! Just out of much were you charged?

ERIN lee said...

oh wow steph! amazing things always happen to you! and the caption underneath that last pic would be a great title to a book!!! o i can't wait to hear the reaction from the family.