Sunday, June 07, 2009

Doubly Delightful

I couldn't even tell you the last time my girls agreed to wear matching clothes on a Sunday morning. Which is sad, because when they were little I loved to dress them exactly the same in their adorable little dresses and send them off to Sunday School. Since we visited a different church nearly every Sunday during the final months of pre-field ministry, I used to say it was my way of letting the teachers know the two girls "went" together even if they didn't exactly look alike!

Thanks to the generosity of friends who recently passed down some of their daughter's clothes, we ended up with two matching black vests that looked oh-so-cute when paired with white shirts and black skirts. And by some stroke of fortune, the girls actually agreed to both wear the same thing this morning! Of course, it was an occasion that absolutely required a photo-op.

Doubly delightful ... our two sweet girls. :)


Terri Fisher said...

What beautiful neices I have!

Ragan said...

Too cute! I LOVE dressing my kiddos alike. I think it's for the same reason as you -- they don't look alike so dressing them the same lets people know that they belong together.