Saturday, June 06, 2009

Back to Los Lobitos

Last night, we had a window of a few hours' time between school ending and youth group starting (followed by discipleship that lasted until 1 a.m.!), so we took the kids back to the beach at Los Lobitos. Pedro scolded me over (and over and over) again for not taking the camera, because it was a perfectly beautiful evening and we witnessed some exquisite sights! But seeing as how the goal was to spend quality time with the kids, I chose not to be distracted by my hobby on this particular occasion. :)

Even so, we all oohed and aahed over the setting sun casting its scarlet streaks across the darkening sky, and the full bright moon sitting strong and still above the sandy ridge of the desert mountain range. As evening fell, new colors appeared as the dusty mountains were painted in a spectrum of shifting shades. We climbed ragged rocks at the water's edge, impressed by their size and shape and purple and reddish hues.

We had the entire beach completely to ourselves, and enjoyed playing hide and seek among the rocks and searching for the perfect stones and shells across the sand. We were even briefly visited by a sea lion, diving among the crashing waves.

Owen and Eva scampered on the rocks with no fear, prompting repeated warnings to check their stability and possible slipperiness. Isabel was glad for helping hands to try and follow her siblings on their exploits, but she especially enjoyed challenging her brother to races (whether she won them or not.) Daddy liked climbing the biggest rocks and watching for the biggest waves. At one point, he and Owen became marooned as the water rose around them, resulting in the first wet shoes of the evening! Eva gathered so many rocks and shells that her pants were starting to fall off from the weight of them, and she was quite disappointed when the 3-item limit was instituted for taking mementos home. Overall, though, it was a perfect family night. We are learning to "seize the moment" when we do have time together, and hopefully these will be moments the kids remember for a long time to come!

Because, I know that I will! :)

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Sounds wonderful!