Monday, May 11, 2009

Reminder: Please. Please. Please. PRAY.

From our adoption coordinator:

Your lawyer claims that the IBESR director promised him six signed dossiers [this] Thursday. Pray that one is yours. I am.


HollyMarie said...

I'll pray too!!!

Anonymous said...


- heather marie

Sarah Beth said...

Hello there! My name is Sarah Beth and I’m an MK in Peru! I came across your blog today and I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I added your blog to my blog. See, I have a blog for MKs and I’m added other missionaries blogs that way other ppl can see what God is doing in your field through your ministry.

My blog it:


Smiling for Jesus,
Sarah Beth

Anonymous said...

We are (and have been) praying for this step to be completed and still keeping the 24th in mind!!

-Penne Hatcher
Santiago, Chile