Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Owen's Pharmacy

A visit to the pediatrician yesterday revealed that Owen does indeed have "bronchial obstruction" yet again, and resulted in the purchase of all the products above. It's like having our own pharmacy just for him! I guess when he was hospitalized last year he was probably taking all of these but we just didn't realize it because they were given via IV.

So far he is tolerating the meds okay, and he responded well to the new inhaler. This one still has a chamber for the "puff" to enter, but he inserts one end of the inhaler directly into his mouth. His previous inhaler had a suction-cup sort of thing that covered his nose and mouth, but the pediatrician said this new one should be more effective for him.

He is in a good mood and full of energy, so that is encouraging. Of course, all three kids are in good moods and full of energy because we have VERY SPECIAL VISITORS arriving today!! :)

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