Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pray for Haiti, Pray for Home

I leave for Haiti tomorrow.

As I mentioned on our adoption blog recently, I have moment of great excitement as well as moments of utter nervousness. Today the latter seems to be winning out, with my stomach tied in knots (or could it just be the rich Italian food from my date with Pedro last night??) Either way, one minute I find myself dreaming of what it will be like to see the boys again and the next I find myself on the verge of tears about leaving.

Please pray for a miracle to take place while I am in Haiti.
As I wrote to Pedro's mom this morning:
" ... we are praying that God will do something to break through the bureaucracy while I'm in Haiti, and also that He will bind the boys' hearts together with mine even if it some time before we are together again."
I am more and more convinced that there is a spiritual battle going on over the lives of our children in Haiti. I have often found myself asking the Lord's forgiveness for not praying more fervently on their behalf. It is as though we - and dozens of families like ours - are mired in a quicksand of bureaucracy and corruption, desperately hoping for a lifeline that will bring our children home. Please pray that God will move on Ian and Alec's behalf in a mighty way.

Please pray for Pedro and the kids at home. Owen has been experiencing rough breathing and that dry, hard cough that has preceded his bouts of bronchial obstruction and hospitalization in the past. I think we have it under control and we have been keeping him on the "emergency" schedule for his two inhalers as well as treating his runny nose and fever. However, it still makes me nervous and I wish I could leave with the peace of mind that he is fully well. The girls have expressed some sadness and anxiety over my departure, but I know they will stay busy with school. Pedro will have a lot on his plate as he balances his ministry responsibilities with the demands of "single parenting," so I know he will especially appreciate your prayers!

I will not have my laptop on this trip, so I do not anticipate posting while I am away. I look forward to sharing this experience through blogs and pictures when I do come home. Thank you for remembering to pray for Haiti, pray for Home!


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- Heather Marie

HollyMarie said...

I will pray! Have an amazing time with your boys in Haiti!