Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Incredible Opportunities

In a recent post entitled "Open Hearts, Open Doors" I shared about a neighbor I recently met who is searching for answers to a spiritual void in her heart.

Tonight I have to give God all the glory for the way He has continued to provide incredible opportunities through this new friendship.

My neighbor and I have gotten together to do rubber stamping; to talk; to watch our children play. We've discussed food, pediatricians, schools, schedules, and of course, "religion." Our husbands have talked about beginning a weekly tutoring time so that Pedro can teach him conversational English. Our kids have run between each others' houses to play a time or two.

I have learned that my neighbor is very outgoing and because of this, she has opened doors in many directions for me to get to know other moms and become involved in their lives. Specifically, she organized a group of moms from her girls' school who are interested in a weekly rubber stamping class and another group of moms who would like me to tutor their children in English one afternoon a week. I've agreed to these two commitments after I return from Haiti and I'm excited to see where they lead!

Something humorous in all of this is how "odd" I apparently seem to these Chilean mothers. Today my neighbor said they were talking about me the other day and trying to figure out what my religion was. I had to laugh as I imagined this conversation while she relayed it to me. One of the moms said that I must be a Mormon (that is how American + missionary translates for many people here.) My neighbor insisted that we couldn't be Mormons because she knew we drank real coffee! Then they discussed whether we could be Jehovah's Witnesses. She told the other moms she thought we were a mix between Catholics and Evangelicals, but not as conservative (because her definition of "evangelical" is very staid, long skirts and long hair.) They never did figure me out!

The great thing was that this conversation led to a good talk about what we do believe, and about what she is searching for. I was able to give her The Story of Hope and she is interested in studying it together! I can't wait to see what other suprises God has in store. :)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to hear how these incredible opportunities blossom into amazing friendships for you! It's so much easier to share the Lord with those who can see you day to day and KNOW what you believe and live.


Anonymous said...

sorry, steph. I've gotta get a blogger username so i don't come up as anonymous. I'll put it on my to do list....right down there with washing windows!

The post above is from me...

- heather marie

Melissa said...

I love the "real coffee" comment. I am so excited for all the doors that God is opening for your family.