Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eva's Clubhouse

If you happen to come for a visit anytime soon, it's very likely you will be invited into Eva's "clubhouse." It's her new favorite pastime, rearranging sleeping bags and blankets (and shower curtains and tablecloths) and umbrellas and chairs in what should be our covered parking area. Then she and her brother and sister sit out there and play and bicker and laugh and argue like all good brothers and sister must do. Sometimes they even have company, such as Barbie or the decades-old family heirloom clown that my grandmother made for me!

Recently, I received an invitation of my own to come see Eva's place and so the two of us sat together and I snapped pictures of my beautiful girl in her imaginary world. I love that she loves to create and hope that her desire and ability to do so will continue to blossom with age. Keep dreaming, my sweet girl!


chilemommom said...

Hi Eva, I sure hope that Mommom and Poppop get to visit your special clubhouse! We are getting really excited about seeing you and the rest of the family. We love you!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and beautiful picture of Eva. I'm remembering back to the first picture I received of her...surrounded completely by flowers. She's grown so much.

- Heather Marie

sis1of5 said...

Eva, you remind me of myself as a little girl your age. How I loved doing exactly what you do. Playing is sooooo fun, yes? Grandma Garcia loves you. Wish I could visit you in your clubhouse. Pray that God will do it, OK?