Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The movers were at our house for about five hours yesterday, and as many or more than that the day before. Yesterday basically entailed packing the truck and cleaning the house afterwards. Our "stuff" comprises one of three loads that the semi will be taking to northern Chile, so we're not sure yet exactly what day it will arrive in Iquique. It's a costly endeavor - a little over $3,000 - but we are thankful for how God has provided to get us where He wants us to be!

A personal errand we ran yesterday was to pay for Isabel's physical and occupational therapy from these past several months. We are again thankful for God's provision for this need. The rehabilitation center gave us a significant cost break and yet continued to give Isabel 110% of their efforts and kindness. She was very loved among the therapists, especially tio Ricardo (pictured above) who worked with her twice a week. Isabel will miss her time there!

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