Friday, January 02, 2009

Still Packing!

If the blog has been somewhat silent lately, it is because we are STILL packing. The holidays have passed in something of a packing blur this year. I am ready to be done. I am beyond ready to be done. But (sigh) - I am still not done.

Tomorrow the moving company comes to wrap up the big furniture items. I need to get a letter from our current realtor stating that we have his approval to leave our house and relocate. Pedro needs to take that letter to the notary in order to get a document that permits us to transfer our belongings to the Iquique. He also has to meet with the head of our moving company to sign the moving contract in front of the notary. Someday I will do a post entirely about notaries in Chile. Practically every document of significance in this country (and even some which are seemingly insignificant) must be notarized. It is quite the business here. Pedro also has to go to the money exchange place to get funds from our US bank account in pesos for payment to the moving company. That involves riding the subway downtown. All in all, it promises to be quite the busy day tomorrow.

We have had no nibbles on our car. We'd like to sell it here in Santiago because in Iquique cars are a fraction of the cost and financially it just makes sense to start over up there. That way we can also upgrade to a vehicle with more space in anticipation of the boys' arrival. Though our current car seats seven passengers, that leaves little to no storage space for anything else. If you think to pray for the car situation, we'd certainly appreciate it.

The kids are handling the chaos fairly well. We've actually relocated to the apartments at school, which means they can ride their bikes a lot and also see Daisy (our dog) every day. That has been a highlight for Eva especially. Today Eva asked me why everyone who has watched them this week has spoken Spanish. I answered that it was because these are our friends in Chile, our Chilean friends. She sighed and said she wished a United States friend would watch them sometime so they could speak English. Obviously, Eva is still struggling a bit with this whole language thing despite eighteen months under her belt and the extra Spanish classes we've arranged recently. Please pray for her in this regard.

Even in the midst of all this packing, our boys in Haiti are still on my mind every day. I've sent a couple of e-mails but still haven't heard the outcome of the December 24 interview. Eva told me the other day that the reason God doesn't want them to come home yet is because I have too much to do right now! :) She is right about that, but I do wish we had some assurance that they would arrive soon after we are settled in Iquique.

So here you have my random thoughts on little sleep at a late hour in the middle of a crazy week of packing. Today I have had many moments of nostalgia, as I packed up my scrapbooking supplies and ran across photos of friends and letters from days gone by. The letter my dad wrote to me upon leaving for college is one that always brings tears to my eyes. The card from both of grandparents soon after I arrived in Chile as a little girl and shortly before my grandpa passed away unexpectedly was another one. Rubber stamps from Pat McBride whose husband Mac met her in Heaven this week ... a couple very dear to us ... and the list goes on. Packing always bubbles so many emotions to the surface.

But for now goodnight, as tomorrow will be here all too soon. God bless each of you on this first night of our brand-new year.


HollyMarie said...

May the rest of your packing be quickly finished! I hope your day trying to take care of the notary business and moving all your things goes smoothly. Praying you hear word on your boys soon!

daniel said...

Feliz Año Nuevo! Esperamos que la bendicion del Señor sea evidente en sus vidas. Entendemos que la mudanza puede ser super fome, pero tranquilos y abren sus ojos a las cosas que Dios quiere enseñar atraves de esta aventura.
Saludos y abrazos de sus hermanos en el sur. Quizas uno de estos dias nos veremos alla en Iquique.