Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need a Treat

... like taking the whole family out on a sweltering hot summer day to the coolness of an air-conditioned mall and the sweetness of a Bravissimo ice cream sundae.

... or like doing some online shopping, just for yourself, and getting a couple of pretty and positive t-shirts from Adoption Mama (like this one and that one.)

... and then, life seems just a little less stressful and the heat a little more bearable and the sky a little bit bluer ... ahhh!


ERIN lee said...

hey i love those shirts. very cute :) sounds like you were able to release some of that stress!

Jenn said...

I'm all for that. We all need those breaks for a treat every once in a while!

Ellie said...

you need a treat after itemizing all your possessions! That would give me a migraine for sure!