Saturday, January 31, 2009


we are slowly becoming resigned to the loss of the wallet. we may never know the exact circumstances of its disappearance, but after reviewing yet again the circumstances of its last day we are fairly certain it was pickpocketed.

the last time we know with 100% certainty that the wallet was in pedro's pocket was when we stopped for ice cream at a small shopping strip in a humble part of town. at one point, we were talking to two clerks outside of a store while the kids finished their popsicles and a pregnant woman approached. she joined the conversation and shortly after a rough-looking man came up and had a brief, awkward encounter with her. he rubbed her tummy, which was kind of weird, then touched her on the arm and said something in her ear. she gave him a dirty look and he walked away. it was all of two minutes, but the entire time he was somewhat behind/beside pedro and we are guessing that his interaction with her was just an excuse to swip the wallet.

soo ... we are working on cancelling cards, having them re-issued and figuring out how to get them to chile. we are also trying to sort out the repercussions of losing the chilean documents and if/how we can go about getting copies. and, we are trying to figure out how pedro can drive our car 24+ hours from santiago to iquique without a driver's license and without breaking the law. (on a side note, we did go back to the police station today and were able to file a constancia. we have to go back tomorrow or later to pay for a copy of it to keep on hand.)

it's a painful first-term lesson, but one that hopefully ... hopefully ... will not be repeated again!! thanks for all your comments and concern. we truly appreciate the encouragement and thoughtfulness!


A woman looking for God said...

We love you!!!!!
One time I left my whole paycheck from SCA on top of my citroneta, forgot it and went inside of the house. yes all of it!!!!
That was not a fun month !!!!

Terri Fisher said...

Well, I'm guessing Dad can understand what you are going through. It's hard for people who haven't lived in that kind of culture to understand, but unfortunately, theft is a part of life. Gee, how many times were we robbed...too many to count! Praying that everything gets worked out properly!

Melissa said...

We pray that replacing the documents will be a smooth process and that Pedro can drive legally.
Grateful that it was a pickpocket and not someone armed mugging you.

Amundson Family Musings said...

Steph, If you need to have the cards mailed to us let me know. We can carry them into country at least on the 17th. Skype me to let me know if you want our address to mail the cards to and then we can somehow get them to you with the Spinks and their travels North or maybe as an excuse to come visit you! Love you!