Thursday, January 29, 2009

Any Questions??

I've mentioned before that I enjoy reading the blog of the Livesay family, missionaries in Haiti. Recently they opened their comment section for questions from their readers in order to come up with some new topics for blogging. I've enjoyed reading what people have asked and what the Livesays have responded ... so much so, that I thought I would try doing the same.

So here's your chance to ask a burning questions about life in Chile, about adoption ... I won't promise to answer every single one before knowing what they are, but I will promise to do my best. Without further ado ... comments are open! :)


A woman looking for God said...

I just wanted to be the first one to ask a question
One of the most fascinating facts about the north of chile is the abandoned cities in the northern part.
Since you love to take pictures when are you going to go to take us there in a jouyney? I know you will love them you could even start those books you want to write there.

Terri Fisher said...

How close are you to the international observatory with the VLT (Very Large original!)that I just saw on the National Geographic Channel? It didn't really give more of its location except that it was in the Atacama Desert...just curious!

Stampincrazy said...

I have enjoyed all your pictures so much. Can you send me your new address? Are you finding the people in your neighborhood friendly toward you? How have the kids adjusted? Will they be going back to school or will you be home schooling?

Anonymous said...

My first question relates to security. I spent a bit of time outside of the country on a missions trip over a decade ago. When I recall that time and am asked to relate how I felt in terms of security, I always say that I felt safer there than I have ever felt in the states (which is really really safe, because I don't feel unsafe in the states). So, I'd like to know, how do you feel in terms of your comfort/safety level for all members of your family and what do you do to help or combat those feelings.

Second, I'd like to know what a typical visitor from the US has to do in order to visit you, including paperwork, costs, and what a visitor should know and expect when visiting.

My third question is in relation to schooling for your children. Now that you are in your more permanent location, how do you plan to integrate your family into the community? Will your children attend public schools?

How does the economic crisis taking place in the US affect your support levels and are your needs sufficiently met? I often wonder if churches make a "commitment" to support you for a period of time, or is your support level based on the trust that each particular church will maintain their committed levels of support?

I'm so glad you opened your blog up for questions. Just give me time...I'll think of more! :-)

- Heather Flatt