Monday, December 29, 2008

We Finally Saw Our New House!

Okay, so we didn't really "see" our house ... but we found the layout plans online.

And it's not really "our" house ... since we're just renting.

And no, it's not truly a "new" house ... but it is to us.

Anyway, since we are moving into it one week from today and since we have made a significant financial investment in it sight unseen, we're excited! If you would like to see it you can visit the link below ... then click on PLANOS on the toolbar at the bottom of the page ... and our house plan is the MARBELLA. Then, you can click on each picture to see what each floor looks like. Our house has the "ampliacion" (yeah!) which means it includes that optional third floor. As we tease our kids: The new house has two floors for children, and three floors for Mommy and Daddy. :) :)

Also, if you'd like a satellite view of where our house is located, you can click on that link below. Enjoy!
House Plans

Satellite View

(P.S. For the sake of perspective, bear in mind that rooms in Chilean houses are significantly smaller than those in the average US house - so "our" house pictured here is just under 1400 square feet, even with the third floor.)


Anonymous said...

Love the new house plans. What floor is the laundry on, Girl you are going to get some great exercise with 3 floors to go up and down! So happy for you guys!

Terri Fisher said...

Cool, Steph! Can't wait to visit someday!