Friday, December 05, 2008

Cena de Graduados

our table

Tomorrow night is graduation night at the FTBB, our seminary here in Chile where Pedro and our brother-in-law Mark teach each week. In anticipation of graduation, the FTBB held a special "cena de graduados" on Wednesday evening, a banquet for the graduates and their families. The decorations, catering, and program were all carried out by other seminary students and they did a fantastic job! It was a celebration recognizing not only the graduates of our 4-year program but also graduates from satellite institutes around the city and graduates from the 1-year Bible program. A very special night!

Stephanie and Evelyn,
a graduate from Ecuador

Ibodne from Ecuador and husband Daniel,
a graduate from Peru

Belen and Rene from Ecuador,
and Stephanie from our church here in Chile

Pedro and buddy Mike Grisanti

The two brothers-in-law

picture taking time

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JenD said...

hi your party looks like fun. And yes i was in real life with Pedro at CMU. I also lived in the same dorm as he i think?...My memory is bad but i lived in Woldt/Emmons complex. I think he was a RA at the same time. right? 92-94 i lived there.