Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Banquete Clausura Matrimonios

Last Saturday our married couples' group at church had their closing event of the year, a beautiful banquet at a Chinese restaurant in San Bernardo. We were told it was a "gala" event and to dress accordingly! It was fun to spend time with couples of all ages and walks of life. Truly the couples in our church represent the grace of God in so many different ways. As we met together this year, we shared memories from our courtship, marriage and children - all the steps of our relationship. Some couples were married young, yet already strong in the Lord; others married without the Lord and found Him along the way. One couple consisted of a middle-aged single mother who raised her children to adulthood and just married for love three months ago. It was a wonderful time of re-committing our love to our spouses and rejoicing in the relationships God has given us, both with each other and with the friends we have made along the way!

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