Thursday, November 13, 2008

Iquique House Update (Bump)

*edited to add: I spoke with the realtor today and she said the owner has stated that she must be moved by Christmas ... so, it is looking really hopeful!! We're excited (and overwhelmed - we need to get packing!!) There is even a possibility that they might lower the rent a little bit because we'll be there long-term, at least 2.5 years. Which would be very nice, considering that rent is raised every six months to a year as a matter of course here in Chile! Thanks for continuing to pray!*

Our co-workers took a look at another house for us today. It sounds really nice, with the only downsides being that the patio is a bit smaller and it is not inside a "condominio." Other than that, there is the possibility of a 4th bedroom AND all the bedrooms are bigger than in the other house (which would definitely be great with 5 kiddos!) The master bedroom is a suite on the third floor! The kids think that sounds so cool. And, the price is the same.

Oh, I forgot the major downside. The owners of this house are also looking to move but don't have a definite place yet. Sigh. More details as they come along! Thanks for praying!


Unknown said...

This doesn't have anything to do with your house- but I am praying... The salmon I just bought at the market for supper is from Chile. I was so excited. I was telling the person behind the seafood counter I had a friend who lived there. I told him you were a missionary and he didn't know what that was so I got to tell him about God. I was so excited to tell someone about Jesus today all because you are a missionary!

AND the salmon is coming out of the oven soon and Boy oh Boy does it smell delicious : )!

daniel said...

Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality over the last week(end). It was so greatly appreciated!
Just an idea about the house situation, why don't you suggest that the occupants of the new house rent the house that you originally planned to rent? (if only they could all get out SOON)

Tim and Susan said...

Thanks for checking out my blog (via Peters Peapod). It is great to see another missionary mom's blog. Your blog is really neat and the pictures beautiful. Thanks for sharing.