Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Too Chatty

I've not been feeling too chatty the past few days. It has been a busy week with a lot of things to try and process. Tonight Pedro and I had agreed to be the visiting missionaries for an overnight activity involving a group of approximately 9-14 year olds from one of our churches. Their theme is Mexico and missions and they thought we'd be just the right fit (never mind that Pedro's Mexican ancestors moved to the United States almost four generations ago!) Pedro ended up sharing his grandmother's testimony rather than his own. It was beautiful and I just wish she could have heard it - especially being given in Spanish by her beloved grandson.

As for me, I couldn't find a visual missionary story from Mexico, so I shared one about Salvador from Spain instead. Nevertheless, as He always does, God uses our inadequacies to work out His perfect plan and I later learned that the true story of Salvador, at least as pertained to his difficult family situation, mirrored that of many of the children who attended. They were very attentive and I pray God spoke to some of their hearts tonight and continues to do so throughout the weekend (we had our girls with us, so we left after the first session, around 9 p.m.)

Prior to our evening's activities, I took Isabel for an impromptu evaluation with this year's kindergarten teacher in an attempt to help determine whether she should move on to first grade or continue in kindergarten for another semester. Scholastically, she is ready for first grade but we are not sure if she is ready stamina-wise. Afterwards, I visited two area hospitals in hopes of locating PT/OT services. We pretty much struck out in both places. The second hospital was in a somewhat rougher neighborhood and as we walked past a row of bushes, a large rock came flying at Isabel's head! Thankfully it (and the glass bottle that followed) missed her, and as we got into the car I saw four young boys scrambling through the bushes, across the road, and through a hole in the wall into the empty lot beside the hospital. As I always say, never a dull moment around here!

We did find one place that offers both PT and OT but at a cost of approximately $50/session, which would add up to $150/week and $900/monthly. Since insurance does not cover her therapy, that is pretty much out of the question. It is also clear across town, so we will continue to look for something closer. We really do appreciate those of you who pray with us about these things. And speaking of prayer, there are several other situations I should mention, which I will share in my next post!

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My sister any is a teacher and she is a woman of a lot of resources call her and see if she knows somebody. Remember the rule about chileans and their friends. I will call her also but give me your phone number. Also jens phone number please please!!!!!!!!