Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Eyes Would See

Could I bear to look into Mary’s eyes
As her Son was crucified?
Could I endure the weight of all my sin,
Which she knew led Him to die?

How could I dare to meet her gaze,
Knowing that I killed her Son?
A mother’s heart was broken
Because of all the wrong I’ve done!

But … Could Mary meet the loving gaze
Of her holy, precious Child?
For her sins were also laid upon
The One whom the crowds reviled.

How tender must Christ’s eyes have been
When He looked down from the cross
And observed His mother’s suffering
As she grieved her sin, and loss.

How great His love for each of us!
He leaves us not alone;
He called his friend to be her son
And love her as his own.

His perfect life laid down in full –
It would not be the end.
Our eyes would see the Light of life
When He rose, alive, again!


stanzas 1-4, 04.18.95
stanzas 5-6, 06.16.08


Terri Fisher said...

Nice poem, Sis! Better late than never! Glad Mom made it through today's are Saturday's coming?

Julie said...

I love it! So beautifully written! And I think it is amazing that the first stanzas were written by you as a teenager!