Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vote for Nora Leon

I was told about a contest on NBC's "America's Favorite Mom" in which a missionary to Haiti is a finalist. If she wins, she plans to donate any money to meeting the needs of the children of Haiti, so I was more than willing to give her my vote! (My only disclaimer is that I do not know her or her ministry personally, but she did come recommended to me by another adoptive mom from Haiti.) You can vote up to 10 times, today only. If you're willing, check out the link above. Have fun voting!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support of my Mom Nora. She is a voice to all of the missionaries of the world. You can visit her bio to optain her contact information. She would love to be in touch with you!

God's Blessings,
Tasha Locke
Nora's Daughter

Anonymous said...

Hello from Haiti!

Thank you for voting! You are a winner in my book! Opening your heart and your home to children from Haiti is a priceless gift! God bless you and your family!

Nora Léon - Missionary to Haiti and the Dominican Republic