Saturday, May 24, 2008

To God Be the Glory

from our adoption blog ...
I don't know about you, but all too often I think I have things figured out a certain way and then God shows me that my plans don't hold a candle to His!

Such is the case with the "capital B" blessing mentioned in my previous post.

As you may recall, I have been asking prayer for God to provide for our adoption through grants. To me, that was the only realistic way for this to happen! But three nights ago, an e-mail arrived in our inbox from a small supporting church of ours, asking how much more money we needed for our adoption.

Pedro and I chuckled sympathetically as we thought about what their surprise would be when we told them we needed over $15,000 just for our Haiti country fees. We shared that information in a response e-mail and didn't think much more of it. You can only imagine our astonishment when the following day we received an e-mail from the church, informing us of their willingness to provide up to $16,000 for our adoption if we had need of it!!

I nearly fell off my chair in shock. Never in my wildest dreams had I seen this coming, and I think that God must have had quite the laugh at my expense! We are grateful beyond words for this blessing and just amazed, AMAZED at what God has done. While we still have travel costs to consider for ourselves and the babies, we believe that through our fundraisers and perhaps one of those aforementioned adoption grants (so don't stop praying!) we will have those covered as well.

I look back at the first posts in this blog and how sometimes I felt like we were totally crazy for thinking that adopting from Haiti could really happen. Then I look at how God has opened doors, changed hearts, moved mountains and I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving for how He has confirmed time and again that this is His plan for our family.

Our God is truly an AWESOME GOD ... and He sees to it that HE ALONE receives the glory. HALLELUJAH!


Katie said...

Okay, that is awesome and made my day for you. Man, God is so cool!!

Ragan said...

Wow! What an amazing blessing. I am so happy for your family and especially for Ian and Alec.

HollyMarie said...

Oh my goodness, God really showed you! :) lol! Wow, that is fantastic news!!!

KT said...

No way, that is awesome.
God is so good. I can just feel Him in my bones. You know, how does he continually bless us beyond our comprehension? Wow, just don't know what to say, you said it really, Everything is from him, to him and through him
To God be the Glory in all things, forever, amen