Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Haitian Sons



Rebekah said...

so cute!! did you do the same thing with the names for eva, isabel, and owen as you're doing for alec and ian?

i also love the pictures of the babies with their birthmothers. it's so heartbreaking in many ways, but you can tell that they love them since they are willing to do this to give their children better lives.

i'm praying that they come home soon!

i know this is a really long shot, but do you have any t-shirts still available? i'm doing a mini fundraising bake sale at our garage sale next month, and i thought that it would be nice to have one for that :)

Ragan said...

They are sooooo cute Steph!

Alisha said...

Ok, I want to pinch their cheeks!

Katie said...

They are so beautiful!! I know I keep saying that but they are. I love the names you have picked out. Can't wait till they are home with you. Doesn't my Lauren look Haitian to you? We don't know much about birthmom and nothing on dad. She favors haitian I think. The skin tone is dark but it has a red tone to it. I love their skin, gorgeous. Are the t-shirts in yet?