Friday, May 16, 2008

Missing Daddy

It was just a few hours before Pedro's departure on Wednesday that Owen realized something was up.

He quickly became his Daddy's weeping and wailing shadow, running after him in his cowboy boots and jumping at the slightest sound that might indicate Daddy was walking out the door. Never mind that we had already explained that we would all be taking Daddy to the airport together!

On the way home from the airport, both Eva and Owen were crying. "I want my Daddy! I want my Daddy!" (And what am I, chopped liver??)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to hear whispered conversation coming from the girls' room. "I miss Daddy. Do you miss Daddy?" Upon closer inspection I discovered both Eva and Isabel under the covers in Isabel's bed, huddled together and discussing this all-important topic.

Later that night, Eva was in tears again. With splotchy red face and streaming eyes she wailed, "But I MISS my Daddy! I wish he were home!"

So Daddy, if you are reading this then you should feel very loved. We ALL miss you. Hurry home soon!

group hug Wednesday morning

Daddy doing what he does best ... teasing!

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