Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Been a Good Night

All the kids are tucked in bed ... well, one just got out of bed with an excuse about her throat hurting and had to have a drink of water ... and one has Daddy in bed with him, helping him fall asleep ... but anyway, it is quiet and I am reflecting on our evening and feeling thankful that it has been a really good night. (Maybe it helps that I took that nap I wanted after all?)

Tonight I made chocolate chip oatmeal bake for dinner since Eva has been asking for it for a long time.

Tonight the girls and Owen and I squeezed under the covers in Mommy & Daddy's bed and I made up silly rhyming stories about Prickly the Unkind Bear and the ladybugs who sing the Happy, Happy song and even a story about Tootsie the Tooting Horse who finally overcomes his problem when he makes friends with a nice little boy. (Hope that last one doesn't offend anyone, lol!)

Tonight Isabel made up a story about three flies who bite and then learn to be nice, and Owen made up a story but none of us could figure out what he was saying.

Tonight I changed the sheets on the beds of two of my kids who had accidents and I even did it with a happy heart.

Tonight I realized that I have THREE matching blue jean quilts (thanks to a church back in the States) so when all three of my boys are finally together they can have a cool matching room, and that made me very happy.

Tonight I read to Eva and Isabel from the Little Girls' Bible Storybook and we talked about Sarah and Abraham leaving their home without knowing where they were going and we wondered if God was going to give Sarah a baby after all (that story comes tomorrow.) And Eva was really impressed that Sarah's family was going to be as big as all the stars in the sky (have I mentioned that she wants us to adopt a third baby from Haiti??)

Tonight Owen wore a cute blue robe over his cute blue footie pajamas and very sweetly asked, "What do you need, Mommy?" when I was looking for something around the house. It just sounded so ... well, cute!

Tonight my husband watched over my shoulder while I wrote this post in the dark (so as to not encourage any more children to get out of bed and visit me with any more excuses.)

Tonight was a good night.

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